A system for light-workers

Hello, my beautiful light-workers!

Today is the day to clean all additional systems of your work and create your system.

Someone said you have to do marketing if you want your practice/business/subscriber list to grow. There are a lot of bits of advice, books, and courses about growing and marketing your online business. Maybe you also have several of them in your PC folder or on the table. You just wait when the time will come to read them all. But even if you read it now it won’t help you.

A little bit of help in it only for understanding the main principles and structure, the main words about the topic. 

But it can’t help you to create your own system.

You are a beautiful, wonderful light-worker, coach, healer. It’s about love, feeling and being as you are. So is your business. Let it be as it is. Just be curious enough to get to know about it. Your business, your practice has it’s own heart deep inside. And my purpose as a virtual assistant for a light worker to feel this heart, to get the structure of your business’s heart. It has a specific vibration. 

Do not try to change this heart. Do not try to put outside structure on it. No matter how great this knowledge can be. Structure and knowledge about marketing your business should come from the inside. Just feel it with your own heart. Just try to describe it as it is now.

Virtual assistant for light- workers help to make stronger these existing natural structures with love and digital marketing skills.


Virtual assistant

On a mission to love, protect and advocate for natural online business system for light-workers, coaches, healers and teachers.