My name is Barbara (Varvara in Russian).
I am wordpress and smm virtual assistant for lawyers. I have 3-years of experience as a lawyer and 5-years experience with wordpress and digital marketing.

And now I am a hard-working and self-motivated virtual assistant with 1+ years of experience in website content administration, social media management, and various personal assistance tasks. Able to focus on work without the need for supervision. other. It’s more important for me than tracked hours.

My skills

 1) Webmaster
   — Hosting and C-Panel
   — WordPress
   — PHP, github, html, css, ruby
   — Kanban, Trello, Slack
2) Multilingual – English, Russian, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese
3) Video/audio/Images editor
   — paint.NET
   — camtasia studio
   — Canva
4) Task/calendar management
5) Social Media Management
   — Facebook
   — Instagram
6) Monitoring and sorting email and responding if required
7) Customer service (No voice)
8) File management
   — Google docs/sheets
9) Funnels/Landing Pages
10) Email Management (MailerLite, Mailchimp, etc.)

How does our work will looks like

We will meet one day in a week online for intuitive connection and new tasks. Zoom, skype or any you prefer to.

Every day I will send you my reports. All tasks will be seen in Trello cards. 

If you prefer an hourly rate I’ll track my time. 

At any time of the day, you will send me my new tasks/thoughts/ideas. If you want, we can have a phone call and I write down everything for you.

I will help you to organize and administer your practice.

  • You just record meditation. I add music, intro and delete any sounds (um..or noises).
  • You just tell me the message in your new email for subscribers and I send it to them with all the design you want.
  • If you have a long campaign/challenges/launches, I will work more hours during this period.
  • and a lot more free time for you

My rates

$7 an hour

10-30 hours a week